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What defines a good school?

Prospective parents always do ask themselves-which is the best school to take my
child? At M. M. Shah & M. V. Shah Academy, we have the right response to every parent. Our school thrives
in nearly all the features of a good environment for learning.

During early childhood education, the child is exposed to a variety of recourses that are very basic in their growth. How do we achieve an Excellent foundation?
A quality education foundation is that which can help children unlock their full potential. The foundation phase is where they learn and develop valuable life skills that will help them in the real world, including, Social, physical, intellectual cognitive and emotional coping skills. As a school, we highly put our first foot forward to ensure that our children are exposed to the best in their early years’ growth by;

We offer a blended curriculum that prepares our learners to transit to any curriculum offered in primary schools ie CBC,IPC etc. There is no doubt that our children upon leaving school are able to pursue their education in part of the world. This is also enhanced through ICT integration in teaching and learning as we aim
to mold them to be global citizens who can fit in.

Both our teaching and support staff are well qualified to handle learners with different needs. They have made it a norm to understand the need of every learner irrespective of their abilities. This is quite important at the foundation stage, as the children are made to acquire the virtues at an early age. Our staff-to-learner ratio is 1:11

Any building can be filled with learners and called a school, but what makes the difference when looking for a school special for early years? Most parents look for spacious classrooms, age-appropriate and sufficient toilets, playing field just to mention a few.

At M.M. Shah and MV Shah, we have spacious classrooms, a cafeteria, a well-equipped library, a music room and an ICT room. Two pools that accommodate different swimming levels of our learners, a spacious field and a playpen that has a lot of play equipment.

We don’t just believe that early years learning is all about ABCDs, colours and numbers but in giving learners equal opportunities in academic and co-curricular activities. We pride in having our kindergarten learners part of the school swimming team that has won various accolades in the region, having an under 7 football team, our learners are exposed to clubs that bring out their talents we have clubs like music, drama, art, cycling, skating, spelling bee, scouts, techzone and taekwondo.

Parent involvement helps extend teaching outside the classroom, creates a more positive experience for children and helps children perform better when they are in school. Some of a child’s most important cognitive development happens during their preschool years.

By taking an active role in the early childhood education process, parents can help ensure that their child has all the support they need to develop to their full potential.
It is essential for parents to support the learning that happens in preschool settings at home as well. This connection is a key component of a child’s development and supports further learning.

Not only does family or parental involvement helps extend teaching outside the classroom; it creates a more positive experience for children and helps children perform better when they are in school. Having a parent communication channel can help with ensuring parents are kept up to date with the learning outcomes and
milestones being reached in their children’s classrooms. At M. M. Shah and M. V. Shah academy, we take parental involvement seriously, we have termly parents academic meetings, transition meetings to enlighten the parents on what to expect in the next class, weekly updates via WhatsApp on what has been covered, one on
one progress meetings with respective teachers on academic and co-curricular this keeps all on toes.

Our priority is the safety of the learners while at school. Apart from the parameter wall that offers tight security, we also protect the children by ensuring that they are picked and dropped by persons known to the school and in case there is a change, the Parent/ Guardian must inform the school in a written form and provide the detailsof the person. The entire school is under CCTV surveillance especially in the sensitive areas like the swimming pool, cafeteria, field, corridors entry and exit points with these measures in place we guarantee safety of our learners.

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