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Kindergarten Sports Day 2023

Whether they are walking, running, jumping, climbing, throwing a ball, dancing, or pulling a toy around, all of this activity supports our learners healthy development. This is a stepping stone to organized activities much like the Kindergarten Sports Day we had on Saturday 25th March 2023. Our leaners showcased their efforts in field events guided under the theme ‘OUR WORLD’ it was a mixed bag of activities mirroring the Olympic games with a kindergarten twist.

Outdoor experiences provide our learners an opportunity to explore, discover and appreciate the natural world. They also provide opportunities for activity, strengthen fine and gross motor movement skills and test their physical limits. We were excited to have most Parents around as we always know those who actively offer support either practical or psychological in their child’s sporting activities, play a significant role in initiating and sustaining a child’s continuous sporting participation and maintaining a positive mindset towards it.

We appreciated all the parents who signed up to test their own limits tomorrow morning during the Kindergarten Sports Day. It was so much fun.

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